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Organic Costa Rica - La Amistad

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This coffee type originates from a small farm called La Amistad. The La Amistad farm is located above 4,000 feet, near the border between Costa Rica and Panama, in the Talamanca Mountain Range on the border of La Amistad International Park. The farm has been family-run for generations and the family has kept much of the 20,000+ acres as natural forest/conservation area. The estate is also one of the largest private nature reserves in Central America. La Amistad is home to hundreds of wildlife species that inhabit the surrounding rainforest. The farm is mainly self-sufficient. The fresh and cleanstreams from the rainforest supply the water for washing the coffee as well as generating power to run the milling machinery on site. The plants and earthworms break down the waste from the animals, cherry pulp, ashes, and leaves to create a rich and organic fertilizer. The word Amistad translates to friendship; La Amistad farm is appropriately named as it is truly a friend to biodiversity.
About the Artist:
Rachel K Schlueter b.1960 Cook County, Chicago, Ill. Growing up in Chicago, I saw firsthand how important art is. I was in my first group art exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago when I was four. Because back in 1964 Chicago public schools incorporated a very important new project called Head-Start, the focus was on art, and us lucky little kids got to paint! My tempera masterpiece was of a monkey swinging on a vine. In the 60's, art education in public schools was presented through contemporary art films and complex art projects, and field trips to museums and city craft houses. The kids had a
blast, and the teachers were generous, they took on all the messy art projects. Those early years shaped who I am as a person and an artist, so for me, art is about community and healing. Beyond creating art my vision includes working on a community level to promote public art and zero % commission art exhibits for artist of all ages." Rachel lives and works in Eureka CA, with her husband Stock and seven cats.