Annual Delight: Win a Year of Roaster's Reserve Coffee!

 Welcome, Coffee Enthusiasts!

At Humboldt Bay Coffee, our tradition of celebrating coffee excellence takes on an exciting form with our annual giveaway. This year, we're inviting you to participate in an extraordinary opportunity: the chance to win a year's supply of our most exclusive coffees, the Roaster's Reserve. Here’s all you need to know to join this remarkable journey.

Indulge in Unmatched Quality:

Our Roaster's Reserve represents the pinnacle of our coffee crafting passion. This annual giveaway isn't just about winning coffee; it's about experiencing a year-long journey through the best beans the world has to offer, handpicked and roasted to perfection by us, for you.

How to Secure Your Chance:

  1. Make It Count: From now until April 26th, every purchase over $50 on our website automatically grants you an entry into the giveaway. It’s our way of appreciating your support and passion for great coffee.

  1. More Opportunities Ahead: We believe in keeping the excitement brewing. Over the next few months, watch out for additional ways to earn more entries. Whether through special purchases, engaging with us on social media, or other creative avenues, there will be plenty of chances to increase your odds of winning.

 The Grand Prize:

The lucky winner of our annual giveaway will receive two bags of our Roaster's Reserve every month. That's twelve months of savoring the extraordinary, exploring unique profiles, and enjoying coffee that tells a story with every sip.

Don’t Miss Out:

Mark your calendar and make sure your entries are in by April 26th. The announcement of the winner will follow shortly after, marking the beginning of an incredible coffee journey for one fortunate member of our Humboldt Bay Coffee community.

Thank You for Being Part of Our Story:

Every cup of Humboldt Bay Coffee is a testament to our commitment to excellence and sustainability. By participating in our annual giveaway, you're not just entering a contest; you're joining us in celebrating the art and joy of coffee. We're honored to share this passion with you and look forward to many more delightful coffee moments together.